Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Food Discipline

Good food discipline is just not in my system. My SIL has regained her pre-pregnancy figure. A fellow gym-goer has lost 11 kg with her strict regime of stationary bike, treadmill and yoga in the past 6 months. Both of them don't take oily food and take little white sugar. I have a sweet tooth and I love oily noodles.

According to The Black Book of Hollywood Diet Secrets, Jennifer Lopez carries a vial of grapefruit oil around because her doctor says that the oil lets out an aroma that affects our liver enzymes, which activates the nerves that cause fats to be broken down and burnt off. Honestly, I would prefer to lug around a bottle of mineral water than grapefruit oil. Mineral water has zero calories and reduces hunger pangs.

John Cusack, meanwhile, stays away from everything white, including flour, sugar and wheat. I believe life would be dull when we confine it to only few good sectors. OK, may be ... I may try dieting when there is a better taste of Slimming Coffee around in the market!

I believe my food discipline would be worse when I have mastered my culinary skills. My new hobbies include cooking now. More specifically is, my entire family is addicted to Asian Food Channel (AFC) now. My brother DK said, we watch but we don't cook hahaa ... Jacques Pepin: Fast Food My Way (visit: is my most favourite AFC's programme. Needless to say, my favourite recipe from Jacques is "pancakes with apples" ;)


dandelion dust said...

I've always heard grapefruit is good for losing weight

I've been trying to eat very carefully the last week and a half or so. It's not fun avoiding foods I love....

pancake Queen said...

I am very stressed this week, especially today. Too much work, too little time. I am eating with no discipline at all, I must be more prudent with my eating!