Thursday, November 22, 2007

Welcome Baby K Committee

My family set up an informal "Welcome Baby K Committee" when my SIL was 10 weeks pregnant. The Chair of the committee, of course, has to be Grandma LL who also plays multi roles as Labour Advisor and Finance Advisor. Grandpa Golfer is naturally the Deputy Chair. Members made up of the soon-to-be-Daddy & Mommy, Aunt Pancake, Aunt Woofhams and Uncle B. Grandaunt Rosemary is the Associate Member who offers advice from proper disposal of placenta to baby's first bath. Grandma LL puts a quota on membership, and she also insists on rules for "no kissing on baby's cheek or forehead until he's older", "no saying the baby is fat or thin in front of him", & "no photos-taking of baby using all kinds of cameras without Grandma LL's approval".

Can you sense how anxious is this family to welcome the new baby, haha ...

Since last night, I keep asking my SIL the same question: So, you feel contraction yet?? What, not yet?? Strange, it's due date tomorrow. I believe myself are fed up with my questions and comments. I am an over-caring auntie, don't I? Perhaps if these tees come in my size, I should wear one which says: Look, my nephew takes after my cuteness ... haha!!!
Enclosed photos from Welcome Baby website.


dandelion dust said...

Sounds like you all are very excited!! Can't wait to hear the good news of the baby's arrival

pancake Queen said...

He Hee ... yep, everyone is so excited at home.

Guess what, my SIL went to see gynae this morning, and gynae told her that my SIL should already experienced mild contraction that she herself might not detect!
Geez, does this imply not necessarily that all labour would be painful!? ;)