Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Don't Judge A Watch By Its Look

After extensive net research and price comparison for 4 weeks, I've finally bought my first Polar Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) watch last Thursday. I bought the F11 though I did mention once in my comments many weeks ago that it looks boring.

I shouldn't have judged the F11 by its look, it actually turns out to be a very good exercise partner and reliable calories counter. If you are a gym junkie, then F11 is an exerciser's dream comes true. A revolutionary heart rate monitor that creates a workout programme to guide me to my personal goals. The OwnIndex will determine my fitness level, track improvements, and provide motivation. The OwnCal feature counts the calories that I burn and the OwnZone feature will automatically determine each day's target zone. It also comes with a wearLink coded transmitter made from a soft, fabric material. The electrodes, which pick up the heart signals, are integrated right into the strap for added flexibility and comfort.

The instructions manual says it will display a trophy when I complete the workout programme designed for me based on my age, gender and fitness level. I am working towards receiving my first trophy from my F11!!!


woofhams said...

Yes, you sure will. Explore the watch. Do HR training. In no time, you will be participating in the marathon with m :)

pancake Queen said...

HaHa ... Thanks for your encouraging words! I would take baby steps first, I will start with a 10km run!!!