Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Are You A Phone Bully?

I hope today's posting will serve well as a precautionary measure for all (mobile and land line) phone users.

I received an international call last Saturday morning. Worrying the call might be work related, I answered it and 1 minute down the road I've noticed the woman on the other side has very thick Northern Chinese accent. I ended our tele-conversation after I realised she was trying to sell me "timeshare" property.

She called me again yesterday morning at about the same time. Our conversation went like:
Her: Ms, I would like to discuss with you on the timeshare property.
Pancake: Sorry, I have no time to talk to you, and I have no $ to buy any property right now.
Her: Ms, it won't take you too long. I will explain to you all details and you don't have to buy if you don't want to.
Pancake: I am really busy and I would appreciate if you don't call my phone again.
(Pancake cut the phone conversation promptly).

She called again this morning.
Her: Ms, I would like to discuss with you the property you've decided to buy in our conversation yesterday.
Pancake: Please put the record right. I have NEVER wanted to buy any property from you, and I have told you NOT to call me again on my phone.
Her: You talked to me last Saturday and you allowed me to talk to you yesterday and today you've asked me not to call you.
Pancake: Please set the record right. I have NEVER wanted to talk to you. I told you right from the second minute you called me last Saturday. Please DON'T call me on my phone again, and I warn you I will alert our Business Crime Investigation Department if you dare call me again.
Her: You know what! (she raised her voice). After talking to you three times, I think you sound like a pig and you think like a pig too.

Obviously I was very angry after hearing those comments that I don't deserve. I've alerted Brunei's DST and B-Mobile mobile phone operators. I've also lodged a police report. If any of you is experiencing phone harassment as such, please do not keep it silent. Alert your phone operator and inform your Business Crime Department. I believe sedikit sedikit jadi bukit, together all of us will help to mitigate this business scam.


Senor Pablo said...

I'm happy to read that you are really an assertive person. That is good. I know this is irritating. I had same experience while living in Singapore. I know some lucky draw organisers in Malls passed information on what we fill in the forms, to telemarketers. I got a call whereby I won a measly $10 voucher at a sea food restaurant and I was asked to go to a certain address to pick it up. I found out from the conversation that they got my phone number from my lucky draw entry at Ngee Ann city. I also found out it was a time-share company and it would be a hard sale for me to avoid them if I come to their office. In the end, I told him he can spend the voucher on my behalf and no thanks!!.. Nuisance! Morale of the story, I never now join any lucky draw at any MALL!!!

pancake Queen said...

Thanks for seeing my follow-up actions as assertiveness and not nosey or useless. I told a friend recently, and he suggested I should just hang up and that's it. One person can't change the world, he told me. What a discouraging feedback.

Yep, I agreed re lucky draw. I've never filled in those forms because my philosophy is: There is no free meal in this world ;)