Wednesday, July 04, 2007

I Want To Go Beyond 50m

My life must be very boring in my family's eyes. My mother told me umpteenly to re-join gym like those sporty days which I had while in Brisbane - back then I was a sports junkie. Last Sunday, I intended to spent the afternoon cleaning my room, but my brother insisted I should go to driving range and practise my golf swing. I practised golf swing for three consecutive days, and conclusion is I HATE GOLF! I can't understand why I have all the right posture and holding iron in the right way, and yet my golf balls could never extend beyond 50m ;-/ May be this is a good opportunity for me to draw up a timeline chart ;-p

"A great pleasure in life is knowing when to step out of comfort zone" - Pancakeism


Anonymous said...

Yes, Che.

It will only mean 'something' if you strive to succeed in something you are not good at.

Keep doing something we are good at will not bring us a level higher and farther, I reckon :)

pancake Queen said...

I might re-join gym as suggested by Mama. Anyway, it would be good opportunity for me to de-stress too.

pancake Queen said...

Btw, I love your posting on "Legally Bald". HeHe.