Friday, July 06, 2007

Out-Of-My-Character Addiction

Korean drama can be very addictive. I have heard of young female friends who have applied for MC in order to finish the 20 episodes in a day. Although to date, I still couldn't completely understand why those women in the story could sacrifice their career and their pride to keep their man; but I must say after watching three complete Korean dramas recommended by my mother ie. July 2005 I did watch "Save the last dance for me", "Lovers in Paris" in July 2006 and recently "My Ugly Sweetie" in July 2007, Korean actors like Ji Seong, Park Shin Yang and Park Sang Min do really have the charm to have women head over heels for them. It's not really about their look. I mean Park Sang Min is just an average-looking 37 yr old man in "My Ugly Sweetie" but there is some kind of magic in the twitch of an eye, smiles and other gestures that made you wanting to punch his enemy for him when he's bullied hehe ...

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