Thursday, May 03, 2007

Older By One Year

I stumbled upon a blog which the birthday girl wrote about a lot of '3s' in her life. It occured to me that I haven't posted photos which I have taken during my birthday last year. We were too busy with the preparation of my brother's wedding that we had to put many things on hold. A day before my birthday last year, Woofhams and her husband treated me to a hearty dinner. Woofhams secretly ordered a chocolate mousse cake for me, and I secretly made 3 wishes: 1) Argue less with my parents 2) Listen more to my siblings 3) Tell that guy I do like him and I don't mind his emotional baggage.

How do I achieve so far?

1) I am learning to be more patient but many times my words still hurt my parents - needs improvement;

2) Siblings and myself are on equal footing but being the eldest sister, I should learn to be more tolerant and not throwing temper like a toddler - needs improvement;

3) I still haven't told him I like him because I don't know he is avoiding me or I am avoiding him in actual fact - needs improvement.

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