Monday, March 05, 2007

My Reflection

Few months ago, a student of mine was infatuated with a young guy of her age and she came to seek my advice on: "How do I know he also likes me?". Many times I found that I am playing multi-roles in my life. I answered her half-heartedly while I was marking her script at the same time: "You knew when he reciprocates by doing things like you do, having things like you have, loving things like you love. In another words, he likes to become a man version of yourself".

Yesterday she came to see me, and she told me: "Cher, Cher, You are right about the guy whom I was infatuated with. I see me in everything he does and I like that feeling. We are currently an item".

I never believed how one simple line from me could bring such profound change in a person's life, sorry, two persons' live. May be I am really the Guru of Love who solves everyone's relationship questions but not my own ;-P

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