Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Groundhog Day

I recalled when I was a first degree student, a good friend told me about an interesting movie called Groundhog Day. At the time when my life was interesting (or I assumed it was interesting and exciting), I didn't really appreciate the message of this movie.

Yesterday afternoon after work, I spent some time watching drama with my mom and laughed at a few lines the leading actor was sharing with his wife. He told his wife: Why don't we go out have picnic like the old days? I am tired of the routine - wake up, work, meetings, meals, headache, sleep. I need a break from this routine or I will burn out. His few lines have awoken me.

I am very tired of my current routine. I need to find new activities to re-energies my life. Currently, every sector of my life is suffocating me especially my friends. I have many friends who only turn to me when they need help or who like to spread toxic thoughts so I could appear vulnerable in front of them.

Groundhog Day or Groundhog's Day is a traditional festival celebrated in the United States and Canada on 2nd February. In traditional weather lore, if a groundhog emerges from its burrow on this day and fails to see its shadow because the weather is cloudy, winter will soon end. If the groundhog sees its shadow because the weather is bright and clear, it will be frightened and run back into its hole, and the winter will continue for six more weeks.

The story of groundhog has taught me an important psychology lesson: If I refuse to come out of the burrow, dark thoughts will persist. Now, my important task is how to get rid of the "many winters"?


Anonymous said...

Yes, well said.

Often it's groundhog's day for us because we choose to live in the groundhog way. Don't we?

cheese said...

When you have friends at your work place, you will not have so many winters. Most or sometimes all of our 24 hours are spent at the workplace. During our HR course in those good old student days, we were often taught (or spoon-fed :)) that having a happy work environment is one of the factors that contribute to job satisfaction and makes a happy worker (slave!)

pancake Queen said...

Thanks Woofhams. I've found one of the ways to get rid of "groundhog" is to be honest with yourself. In the past, I never liked myself, I was too critical of myself and I led a life that others wanted of me, not what I wanted for myself. Now, after many days of ideas tossing and churning inside my little head, I found out who I am, what I really want and how should I acheive some of them (at the least!).

pancake Queen said...

Hi Cheese! That is very true of what you said. It's very difficult to have friends in workplace unless those friends are really saints. Every corner we turn, there are always people who hide important information from you so you would miss deadlines. There are people who are jealous of your achievement and they clap their hands hard when you fall. There are people who treat you as doormat when you have no value in their eyes. But whoever they are and whatever is the fact, those issues don't bother me as much these days - because I know what I really want out of my life now ;-)