Monday, November 20, 2006

How To Lose A Guy On First Date

I love this comic strip, had a good laugh when I read it yesterday!


Anonymous said...

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pancake Queen said...

Anonymous, does it really work? I have been trained under the school system of "There's no free meal in this world".

mit cheese said...

ha ha... providing the obvious answers.
Dearest Pancake Sweetie: We share many similar experiences. It is just so natural that one would take things for granted when young. Would not reaslise that a mistake which could be a rude (my experience) and hurtful one had been made . We would have come through a long way when we woke up and be conscious of the unintentional "injuries" inflicted. At times during those days perhaps pride and smugness were among the factors leading to thoughtless behaviours. The growing up process is still ongoing as at today even at this age :) Memories do stay in the brain unless one has dementia :( But life must go on and you'll begin to stride across the sadness and move on now. Take care!

pancake Queen said...

Thanks Mit Cheese. It's indeed true that everyday is a learning and "growing up" process.

K's death is a shock to me. Even today is the 11th day he has left this world, I still feel the pain. The pain is like the pain I felt when my step-grandpa and grandma passed away. It's like a hollow in my heart - empty, lonely and lost.

I asked myself repeatedly these few days: Why didn't God give me an opportunity to talk to him before he die? Why didn't God let me know through, for example, our mutual friends that K was very unwell. My presence might not heal him, but I believe he would be happy to see me. My presence would indicate to him many friends cared for him and refuted his belief that he was an unloved one.

I know I shouldn't be too upset. Give me another 2-3 days, I believe I'll feel better.