Monday, June 19, 2006

Truth or Dare

Sometimes I wish there is a "portable truth detector" selling in a supermarket, which you could buy like a thermometer.

Yesterday a friend sent me a text asking me: How do you detect whether a friend is infatuated with you, is in love with you, or just simply likes you as an ordinary friend?

I pondered and then I replied her text: Wait, give me 5 years to invent a "portable truth detector" and that will ease your worries and simplify your decisions.

The circuit diagram for the Polygraph was quoted from:

In fact, life was easier back then when we were in high school. You liked a girl, you sent a paper message through her best friend and waited for her reaction. You liked the senior boy in your cousin's class, you bought him a pen and waited if he used the pen. High school kids did't think much to hide their feelings, and I believe that is the way love should be treated.

We adults are too wishy-washy in our decisions, and not good in expressing our true feelings. In the field of love and romance, many of us have many, in fact too many, questions but we don't ask. We end up asking ourselves too often, too much, and finally our gut instinct goes on strike and negativity swamps and poisons our thoughts. Examples of some common questions: She laughed because she found me silly or she laughed with me to compliment my jokes? Must I stick to the three days rule before I call him to compliment on his culinary skills so I wouldn't be seen as "too interested", or should I call now?

Mathematically speaking, you are seriously-voluntarily cutting down the amount of quality time you could spend with her/him. One minute you are hesitating = One minute less in the time you could spend with her/him. God can't guarantee you will meet the same person again in your next life. I have learnt this lesson in an expensive way. He has sent me many signs and I have ignored all. God has given me many opportunities to clarify things with "Mr Scorpio" and I rejected all. Not until Mr Scorpio got married then I began to notice all the signs that have been around me glittering in the highest voltage that they could to alert me. I saw but not looked. Too late, but all are too late now.

So, now is time to start re-packing your thoughts - what makes you an adult?
(a) reveals the truth and face the fact that she/he might or might not have reciprocal feelings; or
(b) hides your true feeling and dare to face the fact that in another month or so she/he might be with another person who has more courage to reveal their feelings.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like a very difficult mathematics algebra. You know I have never been good at mathematics, but I reckon that if we have 1 and 0, no matter how we add, substract, divide or multiply, we would either get 1 or 0 not 2. You must add 1 [your true feelings] into the equation :)

pancake Queen said...

HaHa ... sounds like a very complex variable (ie. true feelings) in the model. I strongly believe mathematics and sports are running in our family!

chubbybaby said...

wow.. you mentioned that in your high school time, the girl gives a pen to the guy..i think now if i were to give a pen to my senior and wait for him to use it, i bet he would either throw it away or give it to someone else. besides, i wouldnt give him a pen. i use pens that cost 40cents. haha. and one more thing, people nowadays are so unpreciative. i think i would prefer to buy him a meal rather tha giving him a pen. sometimes the only way into a guy's heart is thru his stomach! =)

pancake Queen said...

HEY you are too young to think about BGR! Concentrate on your exams, please! ;-) Furthermore, check your spelling on "unpreciative" <- when did you make up this word??? HaHa!

chubbybaby said...

oops..spelling error. I meant 'unappreciative'. hah. aiyah. I'm not too young! I just want to learn more. Its so complicated!