Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Other Part of Love

Tanya Chua Recently won the Best Female Singer at the 17th Global Melody Awards held in Taiwan. She is a popular singing artist from Singapore who has been described as a combination of Sheryl Crow, Alanis Morissette and Joni Mitchell. Her first album, “Bored,” became one of Singapore’s fastest-selling albums in 1997. I must admit I never liked Tanya Chua's songs until last September I heard the crowd favourite she sang with Stephanie Sun called Yuan Dian "Original Point".

The lyrics are meaningful, especially this part of the chorus:

Don't feel sorry for me
You have to be good to her who is currently beside you
Don't let your love with her defeated again by time
If she is the one, don't let her go
Chemistry is the best tool of communication.

I believe, chemistry plays a significant part in love. When she pouts, you know she disagrees. You can continue each other's sentences subconsciously. You know what annoys him. He knows what makes you smile. You have a common joke that others can't rationalise. Both of you share a song.

I once watched a movie which the female lead left the male lead at the ending (all audiences sighed at that scene because everyone thought the female lead has found her Mr Right). Before the movie ended, the female lead said: There is no song between us. When you are in love, there is a song that both of you are sharing, and the song keeps playing in the background which others couldn't feel. I asked you many times before what song was it playing on your mind when you first saw me. You looked puzzled and I knew you heard none that I listened to. There is no common song between us.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful saying! and it is so true. The feelings played music in her heart but he heard nothing.

pancake Queen said...

Many couples said they've agreed to disagree on many issues. But, at least, to my belief, they need to have a common view on future. Honestly, at this age, I won't go out with a guy who can't see me in his future.

Anonymous said...

Absolute agreement! I believe what holds a relationship together is the same belief because it determines the direction the couple will be heading.

pancake Queen said...

Great philosophy, Woofhams!