Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Germany, Berlin, Udo

Berlin is a place that I would like to go back again with my family, apart from Turin in Italy.

The streets in Berlin weren't as quiet as you've seen in pictures when I took them. I've managed to get those Germans to move so I could get a clear view of "snowy Berlin".

I believe my sister Woofhams will look superb in this orange outfit, and I will look good in the two greens. I particularly like the green with beige jacket.

I've a German friend called Udo. He's more than 6 feet tall, and when we walked together in UQ before we really looked like a giant & a dwarf! Udo is the most funny/friendliest guy & the most filial man I've ever come to know. He "stole" some lollipops for me from his officemate's desk when we first met. Vanessa and I used to call him Adrien Brody, may be because he moved to our building coincided with the time Adrien Brody won the Grammy. Recalled back, I couldn't find other reasons why did Van & I gave him that nick. Udo didn't look geeky to me. In fact, he's more ER's Dr Green, Friends' Russ & Harry Potterish (because of his glasses) than Adrien Brody-ish.

Regarding the filial part, his grandma was very ill in 2003, and he took half a year off his PhD to look after her. I really admire that filial part of him at that time. And I was deeply moved by him two days before his departure, a few of us decided to give him a farewell lunch at UQ's Wordsmith Cafe. I backed out from the plan last minute because it coincided my meeting with my supervisor. Udo told Song (another of my good buddy at UQ) to reschedule our lunch to afternoon tea so I could join them.

In fact, two of us had slight reciprocal feelings at that time, but neither knew how to express our feelings. We only revealed our feelings in e-mail many months after I've left Brisbane. Udo is currently seeing a girl, and I am happy for him because he's not cut out to be a long distance relationship material which implies it's no point for us to pursue the impossible.

I believe every good frienship brings many happy memories. With Udo, memories are sweet. I don't wish to turn back the clock, because I knew he's currently very happy with the right woman.


Anonymous said...

I like the orange one too.

I already fall in love with Berlin by just looking at the photos.

pancake Queen said...

When I looked at the orange outfit, I immediately thought of you! Then, I also spotted the 2 green ones next to the orange.