Monday, May 15, 2006

Happy Mothers' Day

Yesterday was a special day. It was special not because it was Mothers' Day, nor it was because Mothers' Day coincided with my cousin Linda's wedding.

It was special because my brother Dato_k has said something very meaningful, and I believe should be the greatest gift to our Mama.

We went out for dinner with Dato_k's in law family to celebrate HAPPY MOTHERS' DAY. Weird, I noticed sales attendants even greeted men with "Sir, Happy Mothers' Day". Am I losing touch with this world, or it is the trend to greet men Happy Mothers' day and to women Happy Fathers' day. If they really cared so much about this event, at least they should make the effort to spell check (see picture), it should read: Happy Mothers' Day!

Anyway, above story is not the focus of what I am going to say today.

I believe yesterday Dato_k has ordered food for a continent of people, not for 12 persons. We didn't manage to finish all food on the table. Before Dato_k settled the bill, he said to me: Che, we need Woofhams Che here to help with the food. Two of us couldn't finish as much food as we did during the Lunar Year's Eve reunion dinner at Empire Buffet. We are A TEAM, it has to be all THREE OF US then we could conquer this food battle better than other tables.

I listened, I smiled and I told our Mama of what Dato_k has just said. I believe this is the most beautiful gift to our Mama. No matter how different in character and thinkings of her three children, we want her to know: we are her great children, and we are A GREAT TEAM!

As old Chinese proverb goes: you can snap a pair of chopsticks, but you can't snap a bunch of chopsticks easily. You can't snap especially these three chopsticks joined forces!!!


Anonymous said...

Yes, our little brother's words definitely is a wonderful gift for Mama.

We are a team, a strong team. We are bonded with the values Papa&Mama have taught us and are still teaching us.

I will be home soon!

pancake Queen said...

very Annoying day at office today!